How to Carry Off a Short Dress in Style

Short dresses have always been a head turner. If you got the attitude and the legs to go with it! And to make sure you don’t look like a little girl (unless that’s what you want!) you have to ensure that your makeup and accessories are in place too.

With a plethora of choices available today, decide to go chic instead of dramatic as far as her dress was concerned. A purple dress with floral and a smattering of geometrical patterns will make you look modish. Paired with some cool accessories and elegant makeup. And, then you can walk straight on to the ramp in that!

When you’re sporting western clothes, you can play around with a variety of hair styles. However, decide to keep it simple and snag-free by letting hair down. You can add more bounce and curls and set the your hair with the help of spray and mousse.

Always keep your make-up simple, so she that you have the no-makeup look. Begin by cleansing her face and then applying the base. A shade of pink and purple eye shadow, along with some kohl and mascara for the eyes. And finally, a hint of natural blush-on to create the rosy cheeks and a shade of pink for the lips.

Choosing the right accessories plays an important role in perfecting the look. Keeping in mind the theme, keep it uncomplicated. A bangle and a beaded chain would look stunning. And to keep your feet sizzling, strap on a funky pair of Roman slippers that matches with the overall assemble perfectly.

Posted by Jamie H. Brantley 1/23/15

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