Slip Into A Regimen Of Regular Skin-Care To Keep Up The Values Of A Good And Healthy Skin

The skin is the most important organ of the body because it protects us from the different elements of nature and even gives us a definite shape and definition. 

It is very important to take good and effective care of your skin, and this must be done on a daily and regular basis. There are a host of beauty products available in the market that add values to your regimen.

But skin care is possible while you are in your home, and even when you are in your kitchen. So, to take good care of your skin without leaving your kitchen, you only have to slice a lemon into two and extract whatever juice it has to offer.

The lemon juice should be added to a cup of sugar in grounded form. Rub this mixture all over your body while in the shower. Rinse your skin completely with water.

Alternatively, you can try to grind some oats in a blender. Let the blades do their work for a while till the flakes are softened. Pour these into a bowl, and add a teaspoon of grounded sugar. You can choose to add a bit of salt in place of sugar if you have a sweet tooth. A quarter cup of farina should be added to this.

Wash your face with some lukewarm water to begin with. Use your fingers to rub the mixture on your skin. Don't stretch the skin. Use lukewarm water to wash and rinse your face. Repeat the procedure several times a day for best results, and several times a week for lasting results.


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