Soft Lip Color matching simple trends of 2015

Summer gives you an option to choose from subtle and natural colors to choose for your lips, which gives a cool look and does not look over the board in this hard heat. 

Natural or nude makeup is definitely the element for the hot season. For this, choosing the right kind of lip color will not only give a light and flawless appeal to your face, but will also go perfectly with the season. The soft lip colors when worn with floral outfits, works really well to give a look that is summery and cool. 

While cool undertones don’t go well with most of the complexions, you can still choose a light color with warm undertone that suits your skin complexion. Light smoky eye colors would also look great fort summer parties or certain occasions. Summer invites a blend of cool and vintage glosses along with lip shades. So, beat the heat with soft colors this season!


How can you protect your hair during the summer?

How can you protect your hair during the summer?

Summer is the time of the year when we don’t like thinking of anything. We like to enjoy and relax. However, this is the time of the year when many things can go wrong. Many of them affect on your hair. In order to prevent possible damages, you should know several advices. All of them came…

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