The Perfect Selfie

The word SELFIE is an acronym for ‘Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine’. It is a term that has taken the online media by storm. With apps like “Snapchat” and smart phones with front cameras, selfies have become a craze in the social media. You envy those people who always look flawless in any sort of selfies that they take. While your selfies on the other hand look awkward and your expression usually ends up seeming to be painful. So here’s how you can give the flawless ones a run for their money by taking amazing selfies following these few rules:-

1) Camera placement

Always place the camera at the same level as your face or above your face. Nobody wants to get a glimpse inside your nostrils now, do they?

2) Grooming

A little grooming goes a long way. Comb your hair, set your hairstyle and straighten your crooked spectacles before taking a snap. You don’t really want to look tired in the snap.

3) Angles

You don’t need to be a movie star to realize which camera angle makes you look best. Take a lot of experimental pictures from different angles and then decide which one you look best in. That is the camera angle which will usually suit you.

4) Dress up

Wear clothes that would suit you in general. Especially when taking a selfie, ensure you’re wearing good clothes. If you’re taking a close-up, clothes would be a moot point in that case.

5) That pout

Perfect your pout; for a series of selfies is incomplete if you don’t have one with a sexy pout.

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