Discover Ways To Get Relief From Cracked Heels Before They Become Unpleasant

Cracked heels are a common phenomenon in the winters or when the weather gets dry.  An improper care of the feet can also lead to heels being cracked. You are likely to get cracked heels if you have diabetes or thyroid. 

Cracked heels can be somewhat painful, and require immediate medical attention. Cracked heels are often accompanied by a typical redness of the feet, itching of the area, and a peeled skin.

Cracks may develop deep into the skin and lead to intense bleeding and consequent pain unless the proper precautions are taken. The medical term for cracked heels is heel fissures. The worst part of these cracks is that they can even lead to infections.

To begin the treatment of cracked heels, dip your feet in lukewarm water after churning up a lather of soap. Scrub the cracked heels using a pumice stone.

Do the same for both your feet, and let them dry. Once dry, apply some vegetable oil to the cracked heels. Cover your heels with a pair of clean socks.

You are sure to observe some improvement in your cracked heels by the morning. Doing this for a couple of nights till the problem of cracked heels subsides completely or relatively is recommended.

Alternatively, you can always soak your feet in warm water for about 10-15 minutes. Do remember to add a bit of lemon-juice to the water.

Clean your cracked heels with a pumice stone. Your heels and feet should now be treated dry with a towel.


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