Fishtail Braids Are The Best Way To Look Good This Season Wherever You May Be

Getting the latest hairstyle in the town is something what almost  every woman is looking for this season. Braids look great on women with long hair, but they make the woman look equally stunning even if she has a short hair. A fishtail braid is something you can do for yourself.

You need not worry if you have no idea of how it is done. This is probably one of the simplest hair styling technique that ever came into being. It is quite a simple and yet efficient technique that leaves an elegant look whenever it is practiced. Your hands are all you are ever going to require for this, besides an elastic band to tie up the hair.

For this, you only have to separate your hair into two sections using your fingers. Separate the hair in two using the power in your hands if you want fishtail braids. Classic or French braids are done with three sections.

Drag half an inch of your hair from a point near your ear using an index finger to the right side of the head. Take it to the left side in such a manner that the hair gets the scaly look. Repeat the procedure for the hair at the other  side of the head. Continue doing this till the tip of the hair is reached.  Tie the hair with an elastic ribbon now.

If you have straight hair and are looking for braids, it would help if you give them a slight wave using a curling iron.

How can you protect your hair during the summer?

How can you protect your hair during the summer?

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