70s are back

Fashion is changing all the time, but at the same time stays the same, because we keep on seeing styles from few years or decades ago. Some people are more into the golden age of Hollywood, then you have people who are more into 50s and 60s, but if you are nostalgic about 70s, don’t worry. Today you can find different fashion trends that are coming from this era.
Flower in your hear – This is something everyone can “wear” and this is the symbol of the hippie period.

This trend is glamorous and feminine and every size of the flower is beautiful enough, so you don’t have to worry about that. It can be a big one or if you want to you can wear small buds.
Pastel colors – These colors are back on the track and if you choose matte texture you will look completely trendy. But this is not enough, if you want to be more persuasive when it comes to this style, you must apply the mascara.

Small stones – Small stones were something that women simply adored, because that was “THE disco era“, and everything that was shiny and vibrant was a must have in the 70s. They usually wore smaller, round stones and today you can find different shapes and one of them is the star-shape.

If you think about the hairstyles that were popular back then, well one of them is definitely the one where you had long, straight hair and long straight bangs. What is even more amazing about this hairstyle is that women still adore it.




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How can you protect your hair during the summer?

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