Fashion Trends During The Preakness Race

There were actual trends during the Preakness Race. People also created trends as they cam to the race ground. There were many different trends for many different age groups. 

The younger people were wearing flag shirts. These shirts represented their ethnicity or their homeland. Some of these young individuals even wore shirts with a picture of their favorite horse on it. These shirts were even sold at the races, and many people purchased them. 

The trend for older women was an old-fashion trend. This meant older women dressed in long gowns with matching hats and everything else matching, too. Everyone in attendance liked this. They believe this made the race more like a fashion show. 

The creators of this race were so inspired by this that they have agreed to create a trend for future years. Next year’s trend has not been released yet. People everywhere cannot wait find out what this trend will be for next year. This is so they have time to plan for it and get the best gear they can find. Some people are even thinking about creating their clothing by hand. These people believe this will be the most unique pieces of clothing found on the racing site. 

There are going to be even more people at the race next year, so this means more creativeness and more people getting involved in the building of a trend. Even the drivers of the horses are interested in the fans, and these drivers can also not wait until next year’s race. 


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