6 Holy Grail tips for fair skin

If you want fair and even tone skin, then here are a few homemade essential tips which will help you to get clear skin. 

    Make a habit of drinking at least take 8 glasses of water daily, as it is very important for proper functioning of our body. Water is a zero calorie beverage.

    Take proper sleep. If you don't sleep properly, it makes you look tired and affects your skin. So, make sure that you are sleeping for a good time.

    Exercise at least 30 minutes a day as it helps to reduce skin problems like acne. When we do any physical activity, bloods carries nutrients and oxygen to all our cells including our skin cells and hence makes them healthy.

    Follow a skin care routine, don't forget to exfoliate your skin. Prefer using homemade or natural products.

    Don't forget to remove your makeup every time you go for bed.

    For natural glow, take vitamin rich food.


How can you protect your hair during the summer?

How can you protect your hair during the summer?

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