Discover The Potentials Of Green Tea In Giving You A Clear And Clean Skin

Besides being completely natural and being beneficial for weight-loss, green tea is something really very good for the skin. It has been found to be quite effective in treating acne and its incidence. 

With the rich storehouse of antioxidants green tea has, you can be sure of working towards a regimen of beautiful and flawless skin when you sip into a cup of green tea regularly.

Use a potent mixture of green tea leaves extracted out of some tea-bags and some honey as a paste to apply over your face. The best results are sure to manifest themselves after the paste remains on your facial skin for about 10 minutes everyday.

Alternatively, let some green tea cool down to normal temperature after preparation. Take some of it in your hands, and splash it over your face again and again. Keep doing this till all the tea in the teapot is exhausted. Use cold water to wash your face.

Alternatively, you can try out a green tea-bag and let some hot water flow past. The bag should be hot enough to give out steam. Strain some water from the tea-bag and use it as a cleanser for your face. Keep doing this till the tea-bag has run out of steam.

Into a bowl of  boiled water, drop the contents of a green tea-bag. Let the steam come out. Using a towel to cover your head, bend down on the bowl of hot water, keeping a safe distance between the hot water and your face. Let the steam touch your face. Keep doing this for about five minutes.


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