Skin care tips for dusky skin

Follow these tips to maintain your naturally glowing dusky skin:

    If your skin is dark and also faces dryness, then it may look ashy and flaky if not moisturized properly. So, after your shower make sure you apply moisturizer to your skin.
    Darker skin tone is far more prone to acne or to pimples as compared to any other skin tone. So just make sure you do not pick on pimples or acne to avoid infection.
    While doing make up, make sure that you choose the correct shade of foundation to avoid looking ashy or greyish due to wrong shade of foundation.
    Try dark-colored eye shadow to accentuate your eyes.
    Avoid lip colors which are either too dark, glossy or have frosty finish.
    Always prefer liquid (water based or gel based) foundation than cream or powder based foundation.
    Don't forget to apply sunscreen when you get out in sun.


How can you protect your hair during the summer?

How can you protect your hair during the summer?

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